The short intro

My aim is to get involved in creative projects for children - teaching materials, picture books, stories and comics, history books, games - you name it!

You can expect from me enthusiasm, dedication and the right set of drawing skills to create lovable characters that delight equally parents and kids.

I grow experience through my private projects where I constantly work on broadening my skills inculding real and digital media.

My additional talents in designing layouts, font lettering, and pattern creation come in very handy for other outsource projects, such as my magazine maeza and my private teaching. Something quirky you'd probably love to know about me is that I am not only creative, but a nerd, who loves math, symetry, and collecting fonts. My favourite colours are probably blue, green, and yellow and I just love drawing hedghogs and pigglets.

My story

love for drawing - passion for learning

My story of illustrations started, when I dared to grab that dream and make it come true myself! I turned 180 degree around from an academic researcher to an illustrator and I haven't regreted my decision once.

Why it started with physics

My passion for understanding the dynamics of nature brought me to study physics, continue with phd, and after successfully graduation, to work as researcher for four more years..

I like logic, I like math, I like pattern and puzzles, so the conclusion seemed straight forward. The phd time was the time of growth of my analytical thinking and I enjoyed creating new knowledge. Physics was resonating well with my longing for collecting patterns and cataloging knowledge. Despite that fun, I didn't quite grow into the role of a today's, modern researcher. Space for creativity was limited, because it was risky for the short termed projects. If your creative experiment happens to have no results, you ran out of time and money pretty quickly. This pressure was slowly drying out my passion.

How I came to illustrations

I was always drawing and was creative with my hands. I started imagining working as an illustrator, and this thought became more real the more I felt pushed away by research. But it was not easy to jump off. There was no eureka-moment, nor an opportunity that could have made the decision easy. The knowledge of what I am leaving behind and the hope to reach something better, were the only motivators. The missing certainty about any successful outcome from this change was frightening to someone who counts so much on logic, but it was a great teacher of a life lesson at the same time. I needed to explore this other side of me that has accompanied my through my life.

What I do now

I practice and learn. I started a lot of small and big private projects to get the ball rolling. I am looking for opportunities to work with authors on a children's book. In the free time I work a private teacher for German, and at the university as help teacher for Math. Me and my husband started a magazine called maeza, where I can run off steam creatively trying out fonts, graphic design, layouting, writing articles about my experiments, etc.